This page contains templates to support you in doing ethical research. We hope that you find these templates useful. We will continue to update this page.

You can download the blank template to make your own reflection on the ethical problems you face and possible solutions.

Case Analysis Template (125 KB PDF)

You can find guidance and an example of using the template here.

Pre-stage: Research Culture

Stage 1: Research Ideas

Stage 2: Team Development

Stage 3: Partnership Development

Stage 4: Proposal/Grant Development and Funding Secured

Stage 5: Ethics Application(s)

Stage 6: Data Collection Begins

Stage 7: Project Develops and Data Collection Ends

Stage 8: Data Analysis and Interpretation

Stage 9: Writing Up

Stage 10: Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination

Stage 11: Translation to Practice

Stage 12: Legacy, Impact and Future-proofing