In developing this toolkit, we asked researchers and others involved in global research to share the ‘key message’ they would like others to remember – something to help us all deliver ethical work. We hope these are an inspiration and encouragement to you and your colleagues! 

Starting on a global research project can feel a daunting task – especially as ethical dilemmas will emerge at different points along the way. These are some things I’ve found to be helpful in my work: Firstly, mistakes and changes are a part of the process. This will happen at many levels and during your journey as a researcher. How you respond and adapt to these is crucial and developmental as you grow in experience. Secondly, approach your research with integrity. What I mean by this is treat everyone involved in the project (partners, colleagues, participants, etc.) with respect and compassion. Be honest and open and this will help a great deal in you being seen as trustworthy. This will go a long way in helping to develop and solidify your relationships with others. Thirdly, don’t forget to ask for help!  Ask questions, be prepared to learn from the mistakes of others. Have a plan for who to approach with an ethical dilemma – someone who is a local stakeholder who understands the context. And finally, as you do this work, please don’t forget… acknowledging and addressing conflict can be generative

- Workshop participant

During our workshops we asked participants to make ‘Billboard messages’ to support new researchers. Some of these can be seen below:

Board with pinned post-its

Board containing post-it notes